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LD&B Clients Awarded for Excellence in Health Plan Stewardship



Health Rosetta’s Rosie Award presented to LD&B clients for excellence in health plan stewardship.

The Health Rosetta is an ecosystem of advisors and experts in healthcare that are committed to reforming the status quo healthcare system. It enables unions, public, and private employers to reduce their spending for health benefits whilst also improving the quality of care for their employees. Each year, Health Rosetta recognizes the top health plans in America at the annual Rosie Awards. The Rosie Awards recognizes high-value, low-cost health plans from employers and unions across the U.S.

In October of 2023, 17 clients of LD&B were chosen to receive the Rosie Award, recognizing excellence in health plan stewardship. Jonathan Coddington, a Health Rosetta member since 2020, was a recognized advisor to 3 of our LD&B clients that received the award. These recipients— Dynamic Aviation Inc., Glass and Metals Inc., and Interchange Group Inc.— and many others were chosen from their enrollment in our Employee Health Risk Consortium. The EHRC continues to pursue its mission to shift power from the seller to the buyer, control

claims costs, and in the long-run, provide small & large businesses with employee benefits that provide real value to the organization’s employees. In with the recognition of the Rose Award, it is now one of the most effective self-funded health plans in the country. If you would like to learn more about the EHRC or our other benefits we can provide for your business, please contact us today by calling or requesting a quote.


(Pictured above) Listed from left to right: Troy Suter (LD&B CEO), Dynamic Aviation Inc., Glass and Metals Inc., Interchange Group Inc., and Jonathan Coddington (LD&B EB Consultant)


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