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Protecting Your Business & Home from Severe Summer Storms



Summer is here! Check out these tips to protect your home and business from severe summer storms.

Each and every year, severe summer storms cause billions of dollars in damage, and they have been increasing over the last decade. Following these steps to protect your business and home can help you mitigate damage from hurricanes, floods, strong winds, and many more unforeseen disasters. 

Develop a Comprehensive Emergency Plan

A well-crafted plan ensures that your business and home are protected correctly. This plan should include things like evacuation routes and meeting points, emergency contact information, and a list of essential items to have on hand, such as flashlights, batteries, non-perishable food, and first aid supplies. Many businesses establish a committee to develop a plan for staff and for data, documents, and equipment. Having procedures ready that everyone on your team is aware of is key. When it comes to protecting important records, preparation like sealing documents in waterproof containers is necessary. Back up imperative data and contacts (which, for businesses, should be stored on servers off-site) and identify key contacts to reach out to in the event of a hurricane. Regularly review and update your emergency plan and ensure that everyone in your workplace and home is familiar with it. 

Secure Outdoor Items 

Debris is a major safety risk when natural disasters such as hurricanes occur. Take the time to properly secure your building’s signs, fences, and outdoor furniture. Also, fix any leaks in your roof, windows, or skylights that might seem small now but could cause a lot of damage during a storm. Ask your agent about steps you can take to protect your home that could also result in an insurance discount, such as installing storm shutters, using certain kinds of roofing materials, or installing a home generator that automatically turns on if the power goes out. Outdoor utilities like central air conditioning units should be fastened or, if possible, placed in a higher location like the roof. Trim any trees or plants that could pose a threat to your property or the power lines nearby during high winds. 

Have a Backup Power Source 

Power outages are common during severe weather events. To ensure you have access to essential appliances and maintain communication, invest in a generator or battery backup system, charge mobile devices in advance, and have a power bank on hand. If your business has a generator, implement a maintenance plan and run weekly tests to be sure it will work in an emergency. 

Stay Informed 

Sign up for weather alerts so you’ll have some time to prepare. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has a mobile app that provides alerts from the national weather service for up to five locations, safety reminders and tips, emergency checklists, and a tool that makes it easy to contact FEMA and find shelters. You can also get weather alerts from the National Weather Service and disaster preparedness tips at 

Insure Your Home and Business 

Insuring your home or business is one of the best ways to protect yourself from a natural disaster. Our local agents know your area and the weather risks you face. They’ll get to know your operations and recommend the right amount of business coverage that protects you from risk and helps you recover more quickly. Taking time to review your homeowner’s policy to identify your home’s risk will also benefit you in the long run, too. 

By following these strategies and staying informed, you can significantly reduce the risks associated with severe weather events and ensure the well-being of your property and those who depend on it. Remember, preparation is key to reducing your risk successfully. If you have any coverage questions, please contact your agent, and they will be happy to answer any questions. If you would like to inquire about more protection for your business or home, request a quote today! 


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