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Flood Insurance for your Business

In 2018, at least a dozen big cities in the eastern US recorded the wettest year to date, including cities in our area like Roanoke, Virginia and Charleston, West Virginia. In addition, for the fourth consecutive year, “hurricane activity began prior to the official June 1 start of the season. [. . .] The 2018 hurricane season was the first since 2008 to have four... Read Article

Cyber Security

THEFT. It’s a serious word. You lock your business doors at night to protect your physical property; you carry property insurance to make sure a loss doesn’t impact your operations. But what happens when your electronic property is stolen? You may be thinking, “I’m a small business! No one would target me!” Wrong. According to a recent Travelers Insurance survey, 60% of cyber events affected... Read Article

5 Things To Remember About Claims

At LD&B, we take being here for you a step further than just being the hotline you can call. We act as your trusted advisor, not just on what kind of insurance you should consider purchasing, but how claims can affect your policies. We want you to have the information you need before the claim happens. Read the article below for a few helpful tips... Read Article