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LD&B Cares

Is it Generous?

Since our founding in 1974, LD&B has been motivated by one primary goal, our mission, which is to give back to the community. For over four decades we have pursued this calling by serving the broader communities in which we operate. We endeavor to ensure every interaction we have with our clients, partners and community members reflects our core value of Generosity. 

Generosity can be measured in various forms – time, talent and treasure – and we have purposefully chosen to engage at all three levels. All our employees can utilize paid leave for volunteer activities in our community each year. Additionally, we are proud of our co-workers who utilize their skills and experience on behalf of others by serving on local non-profit boards and committees in a wide range of areas. And finally, we follow the example of our founders by providing financial support to many community organizations. Each year our charitable giving committee grants requests for support to approximately 250 local groups.

We appreciate and embrace the tradition and value of Generosity our founders instilled in our organizational culture. We intend to honor their legacy and to serve our communities by continuing and expanding our mission to give back.

2022 Charity of the Month Calendar