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LD&B Cares


LD&B is unique in many ways.  One of our unique traits is that our corporate vision is driven by something other than revenue and profits; our corporate goals are led by our charitable giving.   We measure our success by the financial contributions we make to our communities.

Giving back is a priority. We have found the practice benefits  employee morale as well as enhances the communities we live in. At our core, we care for our communities; this is our business motivation.

Over the years, LD&B has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to almost 400 organizations and charities. Click here to see an abbreviated list of past recipients.

LD&B employees are encouraged to designate donations to specific organizations on their behalf from the LD&B Charity fund. In addition, employees are given eight paid hours a year for volunteering.  We also support a local charity/organization each month through our LDB Cares program.

2021 Charity of the Month Calendar