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2021 Cyber Incident

Notification of Data Security Incident

November 22, 2021 – On May 17, 2021, Layman, Diener, and Borntrager Insurance Agency (“LD&B”), fell victim to a sophisticated ransomware attack that affected some of our systems. Upon discovery, we immediately secured our network and engaged a third-party forensic firm to investigate the incident. On September 9, 2021, after a thorough investigation, we confirmed that a limited amount of personal information may have been accessed in connection with this incident. Although the forensic investigation could not rule out the possibility that an unknown actor may have accessed this information, there is no indication whatsoever that any information has been misused at this time. The type of information contained within the affected data includes individuals’ names in combination with social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, financial account numbers, health insurance information, and miscellaneous health information.

At this time, LD&B is not aware of any evidence to suggest that any information has been misused. However, LD&B was unable to rule out the possibility that the information could have been accessed. Therefore, in an abundance of caution, LD&B is notifying potentially impacted individuals of this incident.

In response to this incident, LD&B has implemented additional security measures within its network and facilities and is reviewing its current policies and procedures related to data security. Although LD&B has no evidence of actual or attempted misuse of information as a result of this incident, it encourages potentially impacted individuals to monitor their accounts for suspicious activity and to detect errors.

LD&B has established a toll-free hotline to answer questions about the incident and to address related concerns. The number for the hotline is 1-833-513-2607.