Year: 2008

Avoid Electric Shock After an Accident

Car accidents are scary. And they can be even scarier if they involve a utility pole that’s charged with electricity. Reduce the risk of shock after a vehicle-utility pole crash with these safety rules.... Read Article

What Builds Home Safety?

The Institute of Business and Home Safety (IBHS) is taking a lesson from car crash tests. They’re subjecting test houses to wind, water and fire to find out what materials hold up the best to property perils.... Read Article

Snowbird Smarts

Gerry and Jenny Zakovich love their vacation home in Pound, Wis., 200 miles from their home in South Milwaukee. They get there as often as they can during the summer, winter and in between, but sometimes the house is alone for months at a time.... Read Article

Maximize Your Mileage

Last year, UPS saved more than three million gallons of gas by avoiding left turns and greatly improving gas mileage.... Read Article

A Ride on the Wild Side?

They give you that sad look every time you leave the house—cocked head, big unblinking eyes, perked ears. “Can’t I ride with you?”... Read Article