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Due to the rising costs of out of pocket expenses, pre-tax benefits have become increasingly important to both employees and employers as a way to utilize the tax benefits provided by the IRS. At LD&B, our knowledgeable Benefits Team offers administration for your accounts and up to date technology, such as The Benny Card, online services and a mobile application. Whether through personal service or technology, we work not only with employers but employees as well. Our team is known for providing excellent service and education to our clients and their employees nationwide.

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Benny Card – FSA - HRA
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The Benny Card

LD&B provides the most widely used debit card, which is often referred to as the Benny Prepaid Card. The Benny Card allows the participant to swipe the debit card at the point of service for qualified expenses.

benny card Providing receipts, substantiation, is sometimes a concern to employees, but the Benny Card makes it easier. Our Benny system provides the use of electronic means to verify the benefit eligibility of card transactions. Substantiation is required by the IRS for FSA and HRA plans. We work hard to achieve the highest auto substantiation rate possible by utilizing the technology available through Benny, which means less paperwork for employees. Occasionally we may need to send a letter to an employee requesting supporting documentation. For that reason and potential IRS audits, employees should always keep copies of their receipts.

The key to success with the debit card is educating our clients' employees and we have great success with the debit card because of educational meetings.

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